5 Ways To Market Your Startup With Nearly Zero Budget

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5 Ways To Market Your Startup

So you’re ready with a startup idea and are raring to take the next step forward. Pat yourself on your back for being courageous enough to give wings to your dreams and deviating from the sheltered path adopted by 95% of your contemporaries! It is no mean feat  — especially when the stakes are stacked against you. Anyway, back to what we’re discussing. What should be your next step after coming up with a potentially great startup idea?  Well, it could be anything depending on what your priorities are and how serious you are about your new venture. Yes, there’s the need […]

War On Intelligence : Who’s In Charge In 2050 — AI Or Humans?

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War On Intelligence

When Elon Musk talks, everyone tends to take a serious listen. Little wonder that his mounting worries about the perils of artificial intelligence have garnered universal attention. Musk joins a growing list of renowned scientists and intellectuals (Stephen Hawking and Bill Gates) who have voiced their concerns about this issue. Scary predictions conjuring up scarier images of an insurmountable intelligent entity that is hell bent on exterminating the entire human race. Perhaps he’s right. Perhaps we may be confronted with a situation where intelligent and self-learning robots with evil intentions will pose a threat to humanity. He even recommends people […]

How To Create A Content Strategy?

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Content Strategy

Before answering this, we must ask 2 questions: 1) What exactly is a content strategy? 2) Do we really need one? A content strategy lets you define the role your content will play as part of your overall brand building strategy. To create a content strategy that actually works, you must first define a content territory that is strategically relevant for your businesses.  This is paramount and must lie at the intersection of your unique value proposition and your audience’s pain points. Your content strategy will influence what your audience thinks of your business. It will not only determine the […]

4 Resolutions To Pump Up The Volume Of Your Social Media In 2018

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Social Media In 2018

The social media world is understandably overwhelming! Every second person uses social media to connect, inform and be informed. Over time, it has transformed into a go-to companion for all our know-hows and know-what’s. Companies realizing the wealth in this opportunity strike right at the heart of the platform to squeeze the best of its features to their interest. At this point, it would be a horror to know that you haven’t registered your company as part of this revolution. If you haven’t, what are you waiting for? Get your marketing game up and running already! If you have, before […]