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With the economy disrupted in unprecedented ways during Covid 19, businesses are fighting for survival. However, it is notable that 1 in 4 companies are set to increase their marketing activities and 41% intend to maintain or increase their presence in the media. Digital marketing has managed to rise up to the challenge and allow businesses to shift priorities with the changing needs of consumers.

Social media

1. There’s been a 50% increase in Facebook Messaging in the hardest hit countries

2. There was a 20x increase in Italian YouTube watching in February

3. Twitter conversations about COVID-19 increased 4x in March

4. 34% global social population have shifted social time from Instagram to Twitter

5. Social media usage in India rose by 50x between January and March

6. Time spent and sessions per user in India on:

  •  Chatting apps: increased by +23%
  •  Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok: increased by 25%


7. 18% of Millennials and Gen Z intend to spend more on music streaming services as a result of coronavirus

8. Compared with the previous week, Indian audience visits to streaming sites increased by 32% during the week of March 23-29, 2020

9. Compared with the week of February 10-16, 2020, Indian audience visits to streaming sites increased by  64% during the week of March 23-29, 2020

Online Gaming

10. 16% respondents claim they will spend more on videogames as a result of coronavirus

11. In India, the number of videogames users increased by 2% and the time spent on gaming saw a 11% increase i.e. 169 minutes per user/week

12. In India, between the weeks of February 10-16 and March 16-22, 2020, visits increased by 24% and engagement increased by 21%


As people sought information about this relatively novel illness, traffic to health-related websites from Indian audiences increased:

13. Between February 10-16 and March 16-22, 2020, visit to health information websites and mobile apps increased by 25%

14. Between February 10-16 and March 16-22, 2020, visit to “Healthcare Retail Sites” increased by 146%


E-commerce saw a huge surge just ahead of the lockdown. During the week of March 23-29, 2020:

15. 28% of respondents believe online sales are going up

16. More than 40% of brands are shifting their spending to essentials, and a limited range of non-essentials, e.g. alcohol and religious items

17. There’s been a 100% increase in Google Searches for online grocery store brands in India

18. Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune and Ahmedabad witnessed 80% growth in business

19. Delhi NCR and Hyderabad witnessed 60% growth in business

20. Baskets have also become larger by 15-20%


Non-essential brands are shifting to alternate roles:

21. Beauty retailers are rebranding beauty products as essentials

22. Fashion e-commerce companies are offering OTT content related to fashion along with fashion advice and games to engage users


23. The time spent on smartphones per user has gone up in India by 6.2%

During the week of March 23-29, 2020:

24. Smartphone usage grew to 25 hours per week

25. 15-24 years age group users increased their screen time by 7%

26. 25-34 year age group users increased their screen time by 3%

27. 35-44 year age group users increased their screen time by 11%

Over-the-top (OTT) media services

Self-quarantine became bearable for many people due to OTT content and this sector has seen the maximum

28. profit out of self-quarantine. OTTs such as Amazon Prime Video, Netflix and Zee5 have seen an unprecedented rise in consumption.

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