It is already nearing the end of 2020 and guess what, a total of 4.57 billion users were using the internet actively as of April 2020. That makes up for 59% of the world population. The pandemic year has transformed every basic activity that we used to perform – how we shop, converse with family and friends, study, work etc. Almost everything has gone digital. So that leaves us with the elephant in the room – is this the new normal? Here are some predictable content marketing trends for the coming year of 2021.


This trend is of course, not very recent but due to social distancing and recurring lockdown stages, most brands and companies are either adopting for the first time, or scaling user generated content to advertise, market and connect with other users. Brands are now looking at their customers and audience to guide their marketing route. 

An example of excellent UGC is National Geographic who feature the works of not only their company’s photographers but also fans and followers who take travel snapshots across the world.


Brands are not shying away from having a voice on important social and political movements unlike a few years back. They are not afraid of stirring up controversy, because let’s face it, having a voice matters. 

As many important movements gained momentum in 2020, we saw huge names like Nike, L’oreal and Old Navy take a strong foothold in support of Black Lives Matter. Social media has been abuzz with brands participating and discussing different social and political issues. Perfect visibility. 


Micro influencing is another way brands can attract genuine visibility, because their fanbase is relatively more invested and trusting of the content the influencer produces. 

Micro influencers specialise in a niche and are available on major social media platforms like Instagram, Youtube, Facebook and Twitter. Their fanbase consists of 1000 to 100,000 followers.


Aren’t we reminiscing the times when social distancing was never a thing? Nostalgia goes perfectly with marketing because it gives a sense of warmth and comfort which in turn is great for mental health. 

Remember how Pepsi in 2019 brought back their discontinued retro cans and put it up for sale? Fans were thrilled, and the strategy helped Pepsi regain all the attention.

Most people today are shifting from typing out their search keywords to commanding by voice. Siri, Alexa and other such voice assistants are increasingly dominating search preferences. 

It is predicted that by 2021, all types of audio/voice content will be the hot trend especially for content marketers. 


If you are struggling with attracting visibility towards your brand, podcasts are the next big thing to try. Even though podcast listeners are low in comparison to other forms of content, there is evidence to prove this trend will rise in 2021. As of 2020, 850,000 podcasts are active and generate over 30 million episodes.

TED Talks are good examples of successful podcasting.