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Cocaine and Organic Marketing

We’ve all done it and if you’re a content marketer, there are high chances, you’ve done it too!

You love it and have seen its results over time.

It’s so addictive that once you start, it’s pretty easy to lose touch with how much time you’ve spent doing it.

No, I’m not talking about cocaine. I’m talking about organic content marketing. Sending out creative emails, writing blog posts with interesting titles, and in general, any hair-brained idea that brings traffic to your site naturally over time.

And who else to teach it better than the man himself, Pablo Escobar!!

Okay, you must be wondering, how running a Columbian drug cartel relates to attracting people to a site?

Vamos, let’s get started!

1. Think differently and creatively

When the cocaine market started in Columbia, it was controlled by small cartels and people who weren’t aware of the true value of the powder.

It was Escobar who had this grand vision to ship the powder across America and make millions of dollars. Of course, the rest is history (Escobar, with his cocaine millions, bought half of Columbia).

The lesson here is this. Think of your organic marketing strategy as a long-term strategy. Any real marketer knows that getting traffic to a site with just interesting blog posts and emails will take time, so don’t expect dramatic results overnight. Instead, take small measures towards this greater vision.

Infact, think of it as a small cocaine sapling you’re watering every day. You need to let it grow, harvest it, process it in a lab, and smuggle it across the ocean before you see results. The money will always come (unless the cops catch you, which rarely happens if you’re marketing just content and not cocaine!)

Experiment with a small audience, like Escobar did with Columbia. Always have a target, and then once you do, target your content to reach that defined user base. When the targeted users land on your page, let the content be addictive enough to keep them there and allow them to grow that base with their people; that’s when you know you’ve succeeded like Escobar.

2. Grease the right hands / pay the right people

Escobar had informants in almost every division of the Columbian Law Enforcement Department. These people would tip him off countless times before the cops could raid his place.

He employed kids on streets to do his bidding, track police movements and share vital information.

No, hold your horses, I’m not telling you to recruit young boys and girls to write your blogs.

What I’m saying is, first, create high quality stuff, that’s also engaging, interesting, and informative enough to build your credibility gradually, like Escobar. Then, pay the right people to spread the word, think facebook, linkedin, twitter or other relevant social media platforms, or even influencers and search engines. (PS: Don’t skip this step).

If you’re starting up small, you might have to get your own hands dirty initially, and write a few posts yourself. You can otherwise consider paying a sum to hire quality writers and agencies to write quality blogs. It might also be a good idea to get a mention in a popular blog.

The last part may seem hard, but it’s not impossible. Write quality posts, reach the right people and network your way to the top. Hey, if Pablo could make it to the Columbian Parliament, you can easily get your content published on a popular blog!

3. Diversify your channels / approach

How do you smuggle a ton of cocaine without the cops noticing it? You shape it like a ceramic toilet, ofcourse!

Escobar was known to use many innovative methods to get his stash across the border, and that’s what you should aim for too!  You see, for a good organic content marketing strategy to work, you need to repurpose your content to as many channels as possible, all at once.

A post on social media, a blog on your website and an email outreach program, all at the same time is proven to be more effective than using organic marketing in an intermittent fashion. Remember, to keep your audience at the front and centre of everything you do.

There you have it, 3 organic marketing lessons from a Columbian drug lord.

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