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Door​ ​Scuff​ ​Plates
Get ready to give your car a new and elegant look. Fix it up with these stylish door scuff
Not only do they protect your car door and interior sills from minor scratches, dents
and wear and tear of usual car usage, they also make your car look good.
Made from high-quality stainless steel these door scuff plates come in a pack of four so
all your car doors are protected.
You don’t have to go to a fancy mechanic to keep your car protected, the door scuff
plates are easy to install and can be a DIY project at home.
● Comes in a pack of four (for all side entrances of the vehicle)
● Compatible with most vehicles
● Easy & quick installation
● Comes with automotive adhesive tape
● Made of high quality stainless steel
● Colour: Silver Chrome Finish
When it comes to car safety, don’t cut any corners. Light keeps you safe and sound even
during daytime driving.
That’s why you need a daytime running lamp (DRL) for your car.
This automotive lighting device switches on whenever your vehicle is moving forward,
emitting light to increase the conspicuity of your vehicle during daylight conditions.
With enhanced lighting during rainy and foggy days, these lights are just what you need
to keep safe in all weather conditions.
● High power LED daytime running lights
● Full aluminium hoisting for enough cooling
● Elaborate design & good structure
● 100% waterproof
● Easy installation
● Energy saving lights
Glass​ ​Holder
Stay hydrated when you drive without worrying about spillage. Simply install this DIY
glass holder to your car and have a place to rest your glass or bottle.
Easy to clean and install, this plastic device can hold two cups at the same time and is
suitable for storing drink bottles and cups.
It can easily be wiped clean and is waterproof – so your car stays spick and span all the
● Fits in all car types
● Holds two cups
● Waterproof
● Easy to install
● Easy to clean
● Made from high quality ABS plastic
● Colour: Beige/Black
Give your car a little bit of personality with unique graphics. Made especially to
customise your vehicle, choose from a wide array of designs and stickers that is going to
set your car apart.
Equipped with self-sticking adhesive, all you need to do is peel and stick onto any
smooth surface of your vehicle – a quick DIY car makeover!
The best part? It is safe to use on vehicles without scratching your car paint!
● Can be used on cars or bikes
● Self-sticking adhesive
● Easy installation
● Will not damage your vehicle
● Choose from a wide variety of designs
Microfibre​ ​Cloth
Your car deserves only the best and that means keeping it clean from all the dust and
pollution it battles every day. A car wash alone is not enough.
Give your car the treatment it deserves with microfibre cloths that use unique
technology to ensure that all the dirt gets lifted from your car without scratching the
paint surface.
With the ability to hold up to three times its size in water, use these microfibre cloths to
wash your car for delicate yet thorough cleaning.
● Ultra-absorbent
● Can hold up to three times its size in water
● Non-linting
● Perfect for cleaning glass & other delicate surfaces
● Can be used on any vehicle

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